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Our Core Functions


  • Provide education to create public awareness and support for fisheries conservation, management, development and sustainable use;

  • Set and meet goals for fisheries conservation, management, development and sustainable use;

  • Ensure the appropriate conservation development of standards on management, sustainable use, development and protection of the fisheries resources;

  • Develop standards for the management of all fisheries and aquaculture activities and fishing related activities;

  • Develop guidelines for the preparation of fisheries specific management plans for the Kenya fishery waters;

  • In collaboration with county government and the Fish Marketing Authority established under section 201, identify opportunities and promote all aspects of fisheries marketing;

  • Liaise as appropriate with agencies and persons, including stakeholders, industry, government agencies, regional and international organizations and experts, whether local or foreign, on matters falling within the scope of Fisheries and management Act; No. 35 of 2016;

  • Formulate and monitor the implementation of policies regarding the conservation, management and utilization of all fisheries resources;

  • Collect and analyse data in relation to resources and activities falling with the scope Fisheries and management Act; No. 35 of 2016;

  • In consultation with the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, approve and coordinate research activities;

  • Subject to the Public Health Act and the Food, Drugs and Substance Act, control and regulate fish Cap 254 safety and quality;

  • Facilitate investment in commercial fisheries, in collaboration with relevant agencies, persons or bodies, including Government departments;

  • Raise revenue through levies, fees, investments and other means in accordance with this Act and the Constitution, including solicitation by public appeal or otherwise, and accept and receive subscriptions, donations, devices and bequests, whether of movable or immovable property and whether absolute or unconditional for the general or special purposes of the Service or subject to any trust;

  • Administer and co-ordinate international protocols, conventions and treaties regarding fisheries in all its aspects in consultation with the Cabinet Secretary pursuant to the Treaty Making and Ratification Act, 2013; cap 242

  • Promote development and introduction of appropriate technologies in aquaculture production, processing and preservation in collaboration with relevant agencies, county governments and stakeholders;

  • Identify and promote construction of any works deemed necessary for the sustainable development and economic utilization of fisheries resources;

  • Arrange and enter into joint ventures or any other forms of investment arrangement for purposes of performing any of its functions;

  • Co-ordinate fish quality assurance and operations of the marine and coastal fisheries, aquaculture and inland and riverine fisheries;

  • Coordinate and or undertake monitoring, control and surveillance of all activities within the scope of Fisheries and management Act; No. 35 of 2016;

  • Identify manpower requirements and recruit manpower at all levels for the Service;

  • Act on behalf of the government, subject to the Treaty Making and Ratification Act, 2013 in relation to any domestic or international agreement relating to fishing, fishing related activities or any matter falling within the scope of this Act, to which Kenya is or may become a party;

  • Undertake the development of appropriate fisheries infrastructure that relates to its mandate under this Act and the Constitution;