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Procedure Of Licensing
Domestic Craft
  • The applicant fill  prescribed form through their beach management Units (BMU).

  • The BMU evaluates the application and forwards it to the County Director of Fisheries

  • County Director of Fisheries then  forwards the application to Director General KeFS through  regional offices for consideration

  • If it is approved the applicant pays the required fee  and is issued with a license

  • The whole process takes a maximum of 7days

Procedure Of Licensing
Foreign Craft
  • For industrial craft, the applicants   apply to DG after filling  specific form

  • The vessel undergoes a background check by KeFS to ensure it has not been involved in irregular, illegal or unregulated activities (IIU)

  • The DG also inspects the vessel for sanitary and phytosanitary requirements, monitoring and conforms service and port state measures (MCS PSM).

  • The DG inspects the worthiness certificate of the vessel from KMA

  • The DG then hold an Internal licensing committee meeting to evaluate the application. If the applicant is successful, the vessel  is issued with a license.

  • If unsuccessful the DG communicate to the customer giving reasons.

A Fishery Enterprise License
Procedure Of Issuing
A Fishery Enterprise License
  • The customer writes a letter of intent to the DG

  • The Fishery enterprise is inspected using a checklist outlined in appendix 2 of Manual of Standard Operating procedures for Fish Inspection and quality Assurance in Kenya MSOP.

  • The enterprise is rated using appendix 14 in MSOP.

  • A fishery enterprise with a few deficiencies will be authorized to operate but given time to rectify the deficiencies.

  • A verification inspection is conducted to assess implementation of corrective actions.

  • Approval inspection is conducted to assess compliance with regulations and inform authorization of fishery enterprise to handle and process fish and fishery products

  • The enterprise pays the required fee and is issued with a license

An Aquaculture Facility
Procedures For Inspecting
An Aquaculture Facility
  • The applicant fills the prescribed form.

  • He also attaches the following documents.

  • Details of the physical location of the facility

  • Business registration certificate and ownership details

  • Certificate of Environmental and social Impact assessment

  • The targeted spices

  • Details of personnel and their qualifications

  • The DG then constitutes a licensing committee to evaluate if the facility has good aquaculture practices.

  • If the committee gives a positive verdict, the facility is given a license

Issued by the County Government
Issued by the County Government
  • Fish Processing License

  • Crustacea’s Dealers License

  • Fish Mover’s License

  • Fish Trader’s License