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World Fisheries day 2022

World Fisheries Day, celebrated on November 21, is dedicated to highlighting the critical importance of healthy ocean ecosystems and to ensure sustainable stocks of fisheries in the world. Fishing communities celebrate this day through rallies, workshops, public meetings, cultural dramas, exhibitions, and music shows.

World Fisheries Day also explores finding solutions to the increasingly interconnected problems that the world is facing to follow sustainable models of our ocean ecosystems.

Kenya Fisheries Service Board Induction training program

There was a one-week induction training program for Public Sector Boards at Kenya School of Government to acquaint new members with fundamental tenets of ensuring a functional organization.
The Kenya Fisheries Service Board Members attended the program.They spent part of their day two of induction learning about Culture change and institutional transformation.

Director General Mr Daniel Mungai,Director Mr.Timothy Mburu,Mr. Professor Gathu Nyaga,Chairman KEFS Board of directors Col(RTD) Noor Musa and Mr Paul Huka Kalla attending induction program at Kenya School of Government,Baringo

Charman KEFS Board of directors col(RTD) Noor Musa,Mr, Paul Huka Kalla and Ms Jessica  Gakinya at the induction training program

Directors Mr. Professor Gathu Nyaga, Ms  Jessicca Gakinya and Mr.Paul Huka Kalla at the induction training program

Directors Mr. Professor Gathu Nyaga,Ms  Jessicca Gakinya and Mr.Paul Huka Kalla at the induction training program

Chairman Kenya Fisheries Service Board and Directors Mr. Kassim Farrah,Mr Paul Huka Kalla and Ms  Jessicca Gakinya at  Kenya School of Government Baringo.

Chairman Kenya Fisheries Service Board  Col(RTD) Noor Musa and Deputy Chairperson Ms. Margaret Righa attending induction training program at Baringo Kenya School of Government

Director Mr. Timothy Mburu and Director General Kenya Fisheries Service Mr. Daniel Mungai  attending the induction training program at Kenya School of Government, Baringo

Director General Mr. Daniel Mungai,Directors  Mr.Timothy Mburu and Mr. Kassim Farrah at the induction training program

Rememberence of road accident victims (WDoR)on 20th November 2022 starting 18th and extending to30thNovember 2022

NTSA is now gearing up for world day of remembrance campaigns starting 18th to
30th November 2022 and would wish us to join them in this remembrance efforts at this time.
Therefore, as we come closer to the commemoration of the world day of remembrance, attached
find the digital posters for use in your social media platforms as part of commemoration of

The date for the World Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims is  on 20th  November 2022 whose theme is #Justice #WDoR2022KE #NTSA.