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Kenya Fisheries Service is the Competent Authority in Kenya charged with the conservation, management and development of aquatic and fisheries resources. One of its technical mandates under the Directorate of Fish Quality, Safety and Trade is to facilitate the trade of safe and quality fish and fishery products locally, regionally and internationally. This is usually through the issuance of import & export permits and fish health certificates for processed fish and fishery products.

The first step for Fishery enterprises intending to register, process, and export fish from a land-based facility is to first fill in an “Inquiry Form for a Land Based Fish Processing Establishment”. 

This form needs to indicate the details of the fishery enterprise (Individual or company), location, targeted fish species and modes of processing, processing capacity, sources of the raw materials, and the intended market after which the form is to be submitted to the Office of the Director General.

This Inquiry Form for a Land Based Fish Processing Establishment can be downloaded below.

Inquiry Form for a Land-Based Fish Processing Establishment